Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kansas City Wknd

So last wknd I went to Kansas City to visit my friend Rachel, she and Emily (my friend I am going to Kenya with) were roommates in college at Univ Nebraska in Lincoln. Rachel and I met while I was on assignment in KC last October and we just became instant friends. She introduced me to the tv show "The Office" which I am a huge fan of now! We would get together as often as we could usually at least once a week. On Thursday nights I would go to Rachel's apt to eat dinner and watch the Office & Grey's. Those Thursday nights are one of the things I miss most about my time in KC.

Going back to see Rachel I was pretty excited about it but I did forgot one thing . . . its much colder in Kansas City than San Antonio!! Thursday night after getting into town we went to the store so we could make dinner-- pasta, green beans, potatoes, and oh so amazing garlic cheese bread. After dinner we watched the Office!!! Friday we had BBQ for lunch at Zarda's.

Saturday I was wide awake at 4am really excited about my half marathon race in downtown KC. Running my second half marathon in Kansas City was a great experience but this race was special because it was on my 26th birthday!! The temperature that morning was 42 degrees, drizzly rain, and windy. Despite the extreme weather changes (92 in SA to 42 in KC) and recovering from the flu 2 wks prior I did aweome. I finished the race with a personal best time of 2 hours and 8 minutes. After the race Rachel made fresh blueberry pancakes and then we both took a nap!! For dinner Saturday we went to the plaza to California Pizza Kitchen. And for dessert I had red velvet cake and ice cream and Rachel had this apple cobbler crumb something with ice cream. They both were delicious.

On Sunday we went to church with her room mate Charissa. Then afterwards we went to Mi Ranchito- the best Mexican food in Kansas City. While living in KC the 3 of us plus Marianne would eat frequently at Mi Ranchito. After we inhaled the chips and salsa the wait staff kept coming back to our table to ask if we would like more and we always said YES please!! After lunch Rachel & I went to the World War I museum at Liberty Memorial near Union Station. It was a wonderful museum that I really enjoyed. We even went up Liberty Tower and were able to see the whole city!!

All and all my return trip to Kansas City was fabulous. I only wish it was a little warmer :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My first Blog!

Howdy! So I have decided to give this a try- blogging. I feel like I am not much of a writer especially since I always hated English in high school. Besides my mom keeps bugging me to start a blog. So here it goes . . .

My life this year has been totally crazy and fabulous! Here's a brief update of the last 10 mths and a look into the near future.
Move back to San Antonio from my first travel nursing assignment in Kansas City and moved into my cousin Scott's house with his super cute dog- Corby. Working again at Santa Rosa Children's night shift (7pm to 7am).
Adjusting to life back in SA and night shift. Really enjoying being back at my church and meeting soo many new people. Also, made a quick trip to Milwaukee to see Andrew's (my BFF) last college swim meet.
My 13 wk contract at Santa Rosa is coming to an end. Just working and more work.
My travel assignment has ended but there is 2 wks where I am waiting for Santa Rosa to finish the paper work so I can work there as a part time employee with full time hours. Went to Breckenridge Colorado on a road trip with Austin- learned to ski in the snow for the first time!! Also, stopped in Colorado Springs- Garden of the Gods and Air Force Academy Chapel.
Summer is my favorite time of the year-- summer league swimming. This year I was going to be coaching again with my best friend- Andrew at Vista Del Norte swim team!! Since school was not out yet it made things interesting have afternoon swim practice and working night shift but I managed somehow. My cousin Ryan's wedding!!
Swimming is in full swing! Coaching, practices, donut relays, swim meets with coaches relays of course! Breakfast tacos from Las Palapas :) End of the season with our annual trip to Schlitterbahn- the hottest coolest time in Texas!!
4th of July trip to Boston to see my cousin Apryl- Boston POPS concert, tour the city, stayed at the Omni Parker House in downtown Boston. Old car show just a great trip!! Took tons of pictures and walked many miles. Also, the BRP (Backroom Project) at Andrew's house. We did major construction in the backroom of his parents house and I learned a lot. I got to use power tools! The finished project looks amazing! Training for my first marathon (26.2 miles) and this Texas heat makes for early morning runs.
Moved in with my friend Nicole into her first house!! Realizing that I am not such a fan of working nights- limited social time with family and friends. Final trip to Schlitterbahn with Andrew, his dad, Ottis, Thomas and Wood -- such a blast I still have my bracelet to prove it! (for real)
Getting serious about this marathon training. Wounded Warrior Run at Canyon Lake- 17.2 miles and I finished and lived! My church has partnered with Children's Hunger Fund and I am loving it!! Volunteering to pack food pak for hungry families right here in SA. Collision packed 584 boxes in 1 hour -- totally awesome!!
Collected money from Collision (young adults group @ Oak Hills) to purchase enough food product to make 75 food paks. Plus another 45 made that night making the total 120 food paks in just one night!! All the food paks are for Children's Hunger Fund. For my 26th birthday I went back to Kansas City to see my friend Rachel, run a half marathon (13.1 miles) and eat BBQ. It was a nice getaway vacation and finished the run with a personal best time!
3rd- Trip to Dallas to see my Aunt & Uncle along with visiting an old college friend- Ashley
15th- San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon (26.2 miles)
Thanksgiving -- eat yummy food!!
final days at Santa Rosa
Fly to visit Andrew in Milwaukee prior to graduation
Fly to St. Louis to see Aunt Betsy
16th!!! Going to Kenya with Emily & Kristy for 3 weeks
18th- hoping to visit my sponsored children from World Vision
19th- 3 day safari with Emily's family
6th return to Texas!
Road trip to CALIFORNIA!!! stops @ Grand Canyon
20th start working at Fresno Children's- travel assignment for 13 wks