Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Nurses Day

This day 5 years ago I was graduating from nursing school from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor located in Belton, Texas. I can't believe its really been 5 years!!! Most of the people from my class I don't even keep in touch with after all those hours studying together in the library. Funny how during those days college most of us were so close and spent nearly every hour together in the classroom, the hospital, or studying. Somehow we all survived the stress-filled days & many oh-so late nights of nursing school. Crazy how time just flies by so quickly. Here are a few pictures from some great memories of my days at UMHB.

Nursing class 2006

Shavon, Katie, me, Ashley, Traci, & Sara
(everyone is married now except Ashley & I)

group photo at etiquette dinner

Ashley, me, Amanda, Rebecca, Michelle

Monday, May 2, 2011

Simplification Evaluation :)

Time to do a little evaluation of my late New Year's Resolution . . .

Since posting I have left my job in San Diego, went back home to San Antonio for 2 weeks, and moved to my new job in Denver. So much has been going on in my life I sometimes feel its going by too quickly!  I have been here in Denver for about 3 weeks now and finally getting settled. 

Here is the list I made . . .

-- Limit eating out!  I am more aware of when I do go out to eat. I don't really limit it just try to make other options like taking snacks/ picnic with me. Especially being back home there are soo many great places that I love to eat at with family & friends. But I feel at the same time I don't just go out to just to eat. 

-- Aware of TV shows & movies I do watch  Being here in Denver I don't have a TV which has really helped with not watching mindless TV shows. But at the same time I find myself spending more time on Facebook and such. So now I am trying to more aware of how and where I am spending my time. 

-- NO mindless/trashy tv  Eliminated. And it feels so great to not know every detail of the Charlie Sheen drama or the Royal Wedding.

-- More aware of what is going in the rest of the world than what is going on in Hollywood  Having hulu is great for this! I can watch the world news and get a little bit of the Hollywood life but more about the rest of the world too. 

-- Adios to movies at the theater or purchasing from stores Same thing with the TV shows just being mindful of what I am watching! This past week I went to the $3 theater to see a documentary about the 13 families post Columbine High School shooting in 1999. I don't think there is anything wrong with the movies- they are entertainment. I am just more aware of the content.

-- Goodbye to new music either iTunes or cds, etc.  Did you know that each week KLove has free music downloads?? This has been great. I do love new music and I am sure I will purchasing some new CD soon. But again not constantly buying every new song or cd but more aware of my spending habits related to music and movies. 

-- Listen only to music that has a positive attitude  I think this has been the hardest part. Being on a 7 day roadtrip and only listening to my iPod with all my songs got old. But now that I am not spending soo many hours in the car everyday it is not really an issue. I am amazed too at how much music I love that I have not listened to in such a long time. 

-- Zero paid car washes Not sure how long this can last. Since I mostly live in apartments, finding some where with a hose to wash my car will be difficult. I still am in love with my new car and keeping it clean is important. However since moving here to Denver it has rained nearly everyday! Hope the April showers will be ending soon :)

-- Take time to stop & smell the roses. Get out and do new things!!!  The roadtrip with my brother from San Diego to San Antonio was great! We did a lot of hiking and camped one night even though it was super super cold outside. And now I am in a whole new part of the country with soo much to explore! I only hope the weather get a bit warmer to make the outdoor activities more enjoyable for this Texas girl.

-- Retail therapy aka shopping-- necessities only!  While at the store whether shopping for groceries or other things I remind myself of this. It has really helped my from buying like 4 boxes of cereal and I stay away from the clothes especially the clearance racks. I only go there if I am looking for something specific! And I don't feel like by saying "no" that I am really missing out on anything in the end.

-- More time reading books This one has been hard especially with all the traveling and driving. But I am reading more even if they are travel books. I love reading about the National Parks. Also, I just started the book- Radical by David Platt. I am only finished with the first chapter and I can already tell its perfect!!

-- Increase quality time with friends or family While home for a bit I tried not to be soo busy driving all over town seeing people but the time I did spend making it more about the quality than the quantity of people I could see. And now I have my cell phone, email and skype to communicate with loved ones. And I have been writing more cards & postcards too.

-- Helping others more!!  While home for my short 2 weeks I am so thrilled that I was able to spend a few hours volunteering at CHF San Antonio!!! So great to see everyone! And here in Denver I will be running a 5K on May 8th to support the homeless and for Easter sunrise at Red Rocks we made donations for the local food bank. Just finding little opportunities all around! Can't wait to find even more!!

-- Spring cleaning.  This was actually a lot of fun! After many travel assignments I realize that I don't need all this stuff. So I opened all the boxes, emptied all the suitcases and laid everything out all over the house! (Literally there was stuff in every room!) Then I went through everything deciding if I really need this! I was able to get rid of a lot of just stuff. Clothes I donated to the Christian Hope Resource Center through my church at Oak Hills. And really downsized the amount of stuff that I take on travel assignments! 

      Counting all items of clothing and shoes there are less than 100 items!! At first I thought I would really need more clothes and more options but in reality I don't! And it feels great, very freeing to now have soo much. But I didn't "get rid" of everything I did not bring along. My favorite clothes that are not here are still at home in my storage unit. Then when ever I feel a need for a change of my wardrobe I have clothes that are all my size and that I actually like :) Seems like a win win for me! 

So overall I feel that even though I have a pretty big list I don't feel that I am really missing out on anything. Also, I can't just live in a bubble here in America. But I don't have to change myself to fit into society's standards. I can be me!