Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jan 2012

Family & Friends~

Can not believe that 2012 is already here. And I can not believe that  2013 is quickly approaching. One year from now I have the opportunity to serve along side SIM (Serving In Mission) as part of a medical team in South Sudan Africa for 12 months.

Since my last letter I have returned safely home to San Antonio, Texas from Boise, Idaho. Currently, I am working again at Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital as a pediatric nurse. I was able to get a day shift position. In addition to my new job, my Perspectives class has started too! I kinda feel like I am in nursing school all over again with the heavy reading requirements. However, now I actually look forward to my study time. Being back home has it many benefits especially the fine cuisine, Tex-Mex = yummy!

While between jobs I took the opportunity to travel to Nairobi, Kenya. I was able to stay with a friend’s parents. It was wonderful being back in Kenya and spending time again with the Meredith’s. I really enjoyed going to the swimming pool with Patty and having Buster (the dog) chase us up and down the pool like he was the lifeguard. And making new friends while cooking in the kitchen together.

 Also, while in Kenya I was able to meet the entire SIM Sudan team! The SIM Sudan headquarters are located in Nairobi and I was able to go there for prayer meetings, games, Thanksgiving dinner, & much more. Even went on a shopping adventure with some of my future team mates to the largest outdoor market I’ve ever seen!  And I learned first hand that it is essential to carry an umbrella at all times!!

You can find out more about SIM and what they are doing in South Sudan & the world on their website or

Prayer Requests
1-  Reconnect with friends & family
2- Adjust to life back home-- new job, Perspectives class
3- People of South Sudan and the SIM team that is currently serving

God Bless

Sept 2011

Dear Family & Friends

Have you heard about the newest country in the world?!? South Sudan Africa gained it's independence this July! And I am so blessed to be going in 2013.  I will be traveling there to serve as part of a medical team with SIM (Serving In Mission)  for the whole year. This opportunity is a dream come true.  While in high school I can remember wanting to make a difference in our world and hoped it would be in the medical field. Attending the University of  Mary Hardin-Baylor and graduating in 2006 helped make my dream a possibility. Now with over 5 years of nursing experience I am taking this wonderful opportunity to follow the desires of my heart and serve those who are much less fortunate in Africa.

During the last three years I have been working in various locations throughout the United States as a traveling nurse moving nearly every three months and have really enjoyed it! Currently, I am located in Boise, Idaho working at St. Luke's Children's Hospital on my final  assignment. I will complete my assignment in October and I will be returning home to San Antonio, Texas! I am looking forward to staying in one place for a while and more excited to spend time with  friends and family. Not to mention the great Tex- Mex food that I have been missing.

While back home in San Antonio I will be working full time as a nurse- not sure of where or what exactly yet. Also, I will be preparing for my African adventure by taking a missions class called Perspectives. This 18-week course will include readings, homework assignments and projects.

SIM has a long outstanding history and has missionaries serving in over 50 countries throughout South America, Asia and Africa. Their purpose for serving those overseas is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world. You can check out SIM online and find out more information at or

It would be an honor if you would become a member of my support team with prayer and email communication. I will keep you updated on my progress along this journey to Africa. And if you have any advice about missions, Africa or anything else I would appreciate it.  Please contact me and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Prayer Requests
1-  Finalize all the paperwork & details
2- Transition to life back in San Antonio- new job, missions class, etc.
3- People of Sudan and the SIM team that is currently serving

God Bless