Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Change of Plans . . . Nairobi, Kenya

Me & Michelle

Asule & me

Lydia & Me

Katta & me

Me & J

Ruth, Joanna, & Asule

Uncle, Me, & Auntie

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saying Goodbye- part 2

Kids with kazoos

Kaywa, baby Paul, and me

Beauba (refusing to smile) and mom Catrina sewing up a matress.

I have learned so much about Mabaan culture and life from Catrina and the other ladies (Elizabeth, Howa, and my closest friend- Rebeka) who live just down the path from me. They and their many children will always have a very special place in my heart, always!!

Me beating the new mattress with a stick! There was a lot of dust!
 Getting out my frustrations about having to leave Doro unexpectedly in the morning. 

Papa John and baby Paul

Sarah (pregnant), me, and Estire
They came to the compound to say goodbye the morning we all left from Doro.

Kids walked with us the airstrip. 

Saying Goodbye

Ume, Howa's daughter, and me

love these kids!!!

me & baby Paul, he fell asleep in my arms

Yacob & Estire and family. 

Estire with baby Bulis and me with Stephan

me & Amira at sunset

Grinding Maize & Mudding Floors!

Grinding maize/corn with Midiam

It's really hard actually. It's all in the wrist and back and arms and legs! I still need some practice before I get it together. But the ladies are always patient when teaching me. 

stripping the maize/corn

Love these kids! Even baby Paul who is so NOT happy :)

Mudding the outside of the house is complete. So next step is the floors! Elizabeth takes a mixture of fine black dirt, sand, and water to make a very wet mixture. Then it is placed on the floor by hand. Next, take a small marble stone usually the size of an egg to smooth out the floor, by hand! This is a job for the ladies and it is hard hard work!! Takes a long time and lot of sweat too. It was a nice time with Elizabeth :) Picture taken by her husband, John. 

me and the twins! Josefina & Butros

Santiago and me :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Lunch!

Big sister, Josefina, and baby Rahab

sleeping baby Bulis

Luke & Butros

Sisters Hannah & Joy

Boys pretending this log is a train!

Beauba on the swing :)

coffee and chai with the ladies from church

Kids ready for lunch!

Estire, baby Bulis, and me

lunch is served!
Pastor John and neighbors (Elizabeth, Rebeka, Catrina, Howa) invited all the teachers from the secondary school over as a thank you celebration! Several team mates are going away for the holidays coming as well as some finishing their time in Doro. It was such a sweet gesture from the community! And since they are my friends too I got invited! It was a nice time for all. 

Festivities started immediately following church ~1pm
Ending after the moon was out just after 7pm!

Ladies for lunch

Kaway, YomJima, and me

Day in Doro

Martina & Lucia

John painting a metal bed. This string bed is a gift from his grandson, Gideon, to his son's (James) mother-in-law. The Mabaan culture makes sure the husband-side of the family still takes care of the wife-side of the family. When married- the women/girls leave home and move to be with the husband, usually nearby his family. So since his son James is going to college in Juba for English, Papa John is providing for his daughter-in-laws family. 

Andrew & Santi

Me, Joy & baby Wakay

Andrew and piglets!

me & Paul

Catrina preparing for dinner!

Mudding a House!

Hannah helping mama Rebeka get the mud ready!

Mudding with Rebeka

Even Paul is helping out!

Mudding with Catrina