Friday, March 15, 2013

Just being me

Me, Rebecca, & Aksa

PB&J sandwich with my PB&J t-shirt

Rice & beans for lunch

Me & a cute kiddo during Sunday school class

Another missionary, Carolyn, with YWAM

Pizza night :)

New Beds!!

These beds just arrived at the Nutrition Village from Malakal. Our team put them together for the mom's & babies to use while sleeping over night at the clinic. We have 8 beds total. Currently everyone is sleeping outdoors as it is much cooler (low of 84 degrees) there than inside the sleeping room. And the colors are just perfect for kids!! After we put the new beds together we had a little celebration/ dedication for them. We served chai and biscuits (shorbread cookies) to the mothers/ family members and children. It was a wonderful time. At the end we sang together "Jesus Loves Me" in 3 languages- Mabaan, Uduk, & English. It was really sweet :)

Mommy's & Babies :)

Thought I needed to share these pics of children and their mommy's here. I hope that you enjoy theses pictures. Some were taken at the clinic and others at the nutrition village. Kids back in Texas and kids here in Africa have a lot in common. Even if I can't speak their language there is just something that totally makes my day when a kid smiles at me. 

Animal Life

Chewy the rat killer :)


friendly lizard that likes to eat flies and small spiders :)

Swimming hole!

Wanna go for a swim anyone??

Biggest ugliest scariest spiders ever!! Oh I just hate them. 
Oh and just had to get a quick picture before I killed this one :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

3 Cups of Coffee

This last week while visiting the new babies (see blog posting below) at Elizabeth's house I met a new woman named Lydia. She was there by the fire making the coffee. She was very patient with my few words in Mabaan. I asked her many many times to explain to what she was doing and what everything was called. Here are few pics from my time with Lydia learning the Sudanese way to make coffee. 

First you take the beans (fresh and green in color) and place them over the fire to roast them.   

Fire with freshly roasted beans (bottom of pic- blackened beans). Essential tools for making coffee-- Fire, tea kettle, coffee pot, strainer, fresh water from the bore hole (inside yellow jug). Plus there is usually a chicken or dog around nearby too. :)

Next, you grind the beans using a metal rod into a dust.

Then you add the grounds to boiling water with some fresh ginger and maybe some cardamon too. Then you pour the hot coffee over a filter to strain out the grounds.

The coffee cups are tiny china usually with small flowers or some sort of design on them. After my 3 cups of coffee, which I am still unsure of the taste. It's very different than coffee back home very sweet and strong. The small clear glasses in front are usually designated for tea but since we had many people drinking coffee we used them too. 

Making pumpkin soup

Pumpkin from the "big" town nearby of Bunj

Jodi excited to cut the pumpkin, maybe a little too excited!

Chopped pumpkin 

Cut out all the seeds and chop into smaller pieces

Boil the pumpkin for a few hours over charcoal fire

After pictures of our pumpkin soup-- well we ate it all before I remember to take a photo. You'll just have to trust me that it was good. Jodi found a recipe in one of her recipes books on her kindle. Very simple with few ingredients. And it was a hit!

Life at the clinic!

Clinic building with a view of the "waiting room"

listening to Alabia's heart- she has a heart murmur

Gotta love those cheeks! And the fact that this baby is wearing a knitted hat when it's over 100 degrees outside. She sure is cute though. 

Dr. Rob doing an ultrasound of Alabia's heart- she has a heart murmur and is not gaining adequate weight despite being on plumpy nut. Didn't find anything from the sonogram. 

Jodi & me with a patient and her "big" little sister taking care of her after a tree branch suddenly fell on her arm during a windy dust storm the day before

Meet the babies!!

Went visiting to see my new friends this last week. And I was happily surprised to find 2 new little friends to meet as well. Both of my friends- Martha & Rebecca both delivered their babies. Martha delivered on Thursday a beautiful little boy named Gideon. Rebecca delivered on Friday a precious little girl named Waate.

Rebecca and her new baby!

It's tradition here in Mabaan for the new mother to stay inside the tukul for up to 4 weeks. Only leaving for those brief moments when nature calls. Otherwise they stay indoors with the new baby.

Arrived to visit Elizabeth's home to find Martha inside the home getting a hena-based mud on her feet by a friend, Mary. Not sure of the purpose behind it other than it's done usually for special events like weddings. Gideon is her first baby. After visiting inside the home for a bit I was told to go outside to sit under the shade of the tree for coffee.  

me & baby Waate

Went across the path to Catrina's (mother to baby Paul- he was delivered along the path.) Inside another tukul I found Rebecca and here 5th bundle of joy. Her next youngest, Hannah- about age 2, was there by her side.

  Rebecca and her new baby

Baby dedication service at Doro Church.