Friday, April 26, 2013

Ladies Night :)

Yummy fresh foods, pleasant conversations, and soaking our feet!

quinoa salad with raisins, rocket salad, eggplant salad

my plate

dessert table- chocolate everything

soaking our feet


meat market in Bunj

Rocket salad with craisins, peanuts, & ranch dressing

peanut bread


fresh baked bread!

chalupa with roasted red peppers

peanut butter pancakes, hotdogs, pears

chicken noodles with rocket salad & garlic bread

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life in Doro

beauty salon

laundry day

dust storm

me and chewy

Not only do the pigs go for a swim when it's hot but I guess this dog wanted to cool off too!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bike Ride to Bunj

heavy load! Her basket probably weighs close to 70-90lbs

waiting for a WFP plane to take off

ladies nearly running carrying firewood

Mabaan man at market in his shop

John Garang statue

Making bread!

Ingredients- 1/2 kilo flour, spoonful salt, spoonful yeast, 300mL water

mix ingredients

keep mixing, kneading the dough

make the loaf

let loaf rise for 45 minutes

cook for 45 minutes (time varies depending on temperature of coals)


Easter Sunday

Part One-- Team celebration service at 7am. Not quite a sunrise service but still good to be with the entire team. Had lots of coffee and tea and even a few baked goodies :)  Here's a few pics of people on my team

Cathy & Charissa

Canberra & Me

Paul & Sarah with Michal & Levi

David & Lydia and Joshua

 Part Two-- Church in Gulwing with Vicki

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Last year- April 5th 2012

There was a plane arriving here in Doro full mostly of building materials as well as the builder, Gilbert, for the Secondary School. Well something went wrong when they came into land and ended crashing just off the end of the runway. So this year we celebrated a remembrance/ thanksgiving of the crash. The team came together for a great Kenyan meal, scripture readings, songs, and even dancing. Gilbert shared a little bit from that day. We prayed for the school that opened only 2 days after our Thanksgiving dinner. Here a few pictures from the THANKSGIVING celebration!

Kenyan guys

meal :)


Sarah & Grace

Things that make me happy!