Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day in the Clinic with Dickson

This is Dickson. He is a wonderful man and full of knowledge here in South Sudan. He has been working here for several years and is a great teacher! So today I was his shadow- following him around and helping out when I could. The photo is a pregnant women coming in with +malaria. So we placed an IV and started a drip. Within a few hours she was doing so much better. We were even able to send her home later the same day.   :)

Malaria test +

Ewash in the Pharmacy
*Most common medicine at this time of year-- antimalarials!

Another malaria patient. His mother was even waiting here with him, she was very sweet. I don't know what tribe they are from but one I had never heard of before. I didn't speak their language and they didn't speak English, Mabaan, or Arabic. So there was a lot of smiling and nods and pointing. After his fever broke and the medicine kicked in he was doing much better. It's amazing to really be able to see such a huge change within only 1 or 2 hours. The drip takes 4 hours total to complete. 

Me giving a rabies injection- just under the skin- sub-dermal. This boy was bit by a dog last week.

Dressing change!

Injection for malaria. This child was not super sick so they did not need an IV and the 4 hour drip for malaria. But they had been vomiting so they were unable to take the oral medications. So an injection was needed. Dickson let me do it!

James- clinic registration

Beads 101

So I am learning how to make a Mabaan beaded bracelet. And WOW it's really hard. I think more of the problem for me is getting the bead onto the string. Usually they put 2-5 threads through a bead at a time, that's the hard part. I can get 3 or 4 but somehow one misses. But Rebecca is teaching me. I haven't figured out the whole making a pattern part yet. I am looking forward to learning more and more. Rebecca is really patient with me as I am just learning. Usually  she is stringing the beads, breastfeeding her daughter Wakay, and teaching me while we sit surrounded by neighbors, friends & sometimes up to 20 children! 

Beauty Salon



Marsa doing Rebecca's hair


Philemon giving John a haircut



Sunday, July 28, 2013

Women @ work

Here's my friend Catrina. She is the mother of 5 children- 2 boys and 3 girls. Her youngest Paul was born last November along the path between her home and mine. However, both of these children she is breastfeeding- aren't hers! Their mothers (Rebecca & Howa) are off in the fields- gathering firewood to cook dinners for their families, planting seeding for the next harvest, tending to the fields. So Catrina stayed home today to look after the youngest of the children. And she takes care of them even when they are hungry. These little girls both are under the age of 6 months and all the mothers nearby know NOT to give the babies anything other than breastmilk.  

She laughed that I was taking a picture because to her this is just part of everyday life. These women who I am blessed to call my friends are so wonderful, so loving, and so kind! They along with the children have learned that I take a lot of photos of all sorts of things. But still every once in a while (usually at least 1 to 2 times a week) I still shock them. Like taking photos of Mabaan food, or milking of the goat, or like today with Catrina. But to me I want to remember EVERYTHING that happens here even the routine things too!

Rebecca hard at work chopping up wood as she is getting ready to start the fire to make dinner for her family. But tonight Catrina (her cousin) is away for a family event. So she is not only cooking for her 5 children  & husband but also for Catrina's older children & husband as well. She is such a strong women. Just looking at the photo reminds me of just her physical strength. I don't think I (1) could cut this wood along the center and (2) with the speed and accuracy as she does. 

Here are some of the children that I was playing with and entertaining while Rebecca was hard at work preparing dinner. 
From left to right-- Luke, Eliya, Hannah, Deeta, Josephine, & Joy

Little Hannah!

Piglets!!! Koinkin :)

These 6 piglets were born just hours before I arrived. Little Kaway (daughter of Rebecca) showed them to me at her home. And of course I started taking photos right away! They are just so cute. And I got to learn a couple of new Mabaan words as well. I already knew the words for pig and pigs. But baby pigs have their own word- koinka (singular) and koinkin (plural) Oh I just think it's the cutest word! Even reminds me of the sound a pink make- OINK! 

Here are some cute pictures of these new baby piglets. The first day they were born and a few days later too.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Smiling faces at the NV

These are some photos from the Nutrition Village. Most of the patients come to see us with their mothers but sometimes they come with the fathers or aunts or another relative too. The little boy, John, below comes with Father, Isaiah, and he gets to ride on the back of the bicycle. His father has an injury to this leg so using the bicycle is easier for him to get around. Isaiah has 7 other children and is very loving and kind with his son. John is usually very quiet, hardly speaks one word around me. Now after 4 weeks he has started to crack a little smile when I hand him a package of Plumpy Nut to eat while we interview his father. They are a wonderful family just like so many others we see here at the Nutrition Village. 

Our Nutrition Assistant, Esso, is teaching one of the pregnant mothers about the importance of breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Usually each Saturday afternoon there is a futbol match just outside the clinic. The two teams wear uniforms, there is a referee, and of course a crowd watching too! So I went to go watch and a group of children came along with me too. I was thankful that I was with the children since I was the only white person watching the game. It was really fun. The guys are great athletes only they don't play so much as a team which makes it interesting. The game had to be stopped a few times with the wildlife aka- herd of goats or this giant black bull came onto the field. All in all I had a great time watching.

Dinner is served!

shipment of fresh produce has arrived!!

Grilled cheese & guacamole!

The Bunj market and mosque

Sweet Potato pancakes

Tomato Soup & Garlic Bread


Broccoli & Cheese sauce over noodles

Don't get too excited here it's not ice cream but the next best thing in Doro-- Pudding! Even made with real cow's milk. And just in case you were wondering it's Oreo flavor, yep it's made by Kraft :)