Friday, August 30, 2013

Pumpkin Soup!

Pumpkin Soup, fresh baked bread, and more!!!

Final days for the Swiss family, sure gonna miss them!

even had a camp fire

Joshua on the swing


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Graduates from the Nutrition Village :)






The kids next door

 The kids next door


Sarah & me

Titus and grandson Emmanuel



Monday, August 26, 2013

Michal & Me

*photo taken by Michal

enjoying yummy watermelon :)

Sure do miss this cute smiling kid!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Luke doing a cartwheel

and another one and another one  . . . This kid was crazy he just kept doing cartwheels and each time asking me to take his photo. So finally after 10 or more I took out my camera and snapped a few pictures.  And then he continued to do even more :)

Kids next door

Everybody smile!

Kids next door
- Sandy, Howa with baby Sarah, Luke, Andrew, Abu

Piglets :)

Mama Pig and babies :)

feeding time

Is this not the cutest thing?!

dog pile . . . opps! I mean PIG PILE!

Not sure how that could ever be comfortable but the pigs don't seem to mind

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Estir's family

Estir and family
- oldest daughter- Umjima
- twin boys- Stephan & Butrus
- new born boy- Bullus

kids being so silly hiding

just the neighborhood kids

Visiting my Neighbors!

Enjoying coffee with the ladies . . . They are such strong women!

Tabitha chopping firewood to make soup for her family for dinner. She is such a strong woman. I could not chop wood like she does.
 I didn't even ask her to teach me how. I could tell she was busy preparing for dinner for her hungry family.

 Life here is definitely in the slow lane and most times it is wonderful and I enjoy the slower pace of life. But other times I want to just call a pizza to be delivered for dinner . . . no such luck here in South Sudan. 

Tabitha has to chop the wood, make the fire, clean the dishes/ pots, prepare the food, and  then she can start to cook the food. Lots to do just for one meal! Makes me really appreciate the little things in life :)

David's house

Estir and family!

me & super cute puppy :)

Eliya, Machakos, Luke, Andrew, Sadik and others- Futbol Team

Setting sun through the grass fields

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Riding Piggy-Back

Meet little Angelina (age 5)! 
The photo above goes with the story below. Angelina and I were close buds this day. She really enjoys piggy-back rides, jalibeah snacks, and can always be found with a smile on her face. 

 I knew that Angelina's younger sister, Sandy (age 3), was sick for the last 3 days with malaria and she was getting injections from the clinic for the last 2 days. Friday I went to check on her and the family.  However, Sandy was not getting better, still not eating, still having high fevers, and doing a lot of sleeping. After talking with the parents, Mary & Joseph, drinking 2 cups of coffee, and drinking 1 cup of tea, we finally decided to make the hike to the clinic. 

Oh, I forgot to mention it is pouring buckets outside and has been since 5am or earlier :) The family knew that Sandy was sick and agreed that she needed to go to the clinic, however, with the rain they were hesitant to leave home. 

So we were off- mother Mary carried sick Sandy and, of course, little Angelina didn't want to be left behind so she climbed on my back. We sloshed through the mud and rain until we arrived at the clinic. Not sure the exact distance to the clinic but I have been told about 1 kilometer so like 10 football fields. 

Once we arrived I spoke with Dickson and he agreed that the injections were not working against her malaria. So we started an IV and quinine drip for a more intense treatment. The drip lasts for 4 hours so that meant that Sandy and Mary would be staying there until it was complete and maybe longer. I knew that Sandy had not eaten much for the last 3 days so when the rains let up, Angelina and I went to the market in search of jalibeah (like donut holes).  What kid doesn't like donuts?! 

We had success! and took them back for Sandy and she loved them!! Even Angelina and mom had a few too. I know it's not the healthiest thing but at least Sandy was eating something :) Then Mary needed to feed baby Sarah (5 months old) who was back at home. So with Angelina riding piggy-back we hiked back home to get baby Sarah. Big sister, Howa (age 12) came along to bring Sarah to the clinic and the rains started again! 

Next, I sloshed my way back home to grab a lunch for myself as it was now nearly 2pm. I ate my tuna sandwich quickly and returned back to the clinic to check on Sandy. The IV drip was almost complete now.  All the 3 children were laying asleep on a string bed with baby Sarah in Mary's lap. Dickson came by to check on things and decided that Sarah was okay to go back home. We woke Angelina- since she was the oldest she now had to walk back home in the rain! Mom carried baby Sarah and I carried Sandy who stayed asleep most of the way home. So thankful that I did not slip in all the mud while I carried Sandy :)

I stayed with Sandy and the rest of the family for maybe an hour or so. Just wanted to make sure everything okay. She was eating a bit and drinking well. No more fevers :) 

I went back Saturday to check on Sandy & the rest of the family. Here are a few pictures from the next day. Sandy was doing great! 

Mama Mary and Baby Sarah

Sandy the next day-- doing much better!
*she's eating a cucumber

Mama Mary, Angelina, big sister Howa with baby Sarah, & Sandy

Angelina, Howa, Sarah, Sandy, and Me