Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sunglasses & Smiles :)






Baby Gideon


Friday, September 27, 2013

Mabaan New Year

Lots of cute kids!

Diana & the baby goat


me & Diana sharing the fabulous feast together :)

Celebration Dancing!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life at the Nutrition Village

Mother- Gia, Baby Iman

Mama- Kyna  & Baby Benjamin

Mother- Howa, Baby Zahara

Mama- Rebeka, Baby Roda

Family packed up heading home from the NV

Once our inpatients are ready to transition into our out patient program we give them a mango tree seedling to take home. This cute kiddo is named Baya and she is ready to go home. She will remain in our outpatient program eating plumpy nut, gaining weight, and growing big. 

Dinner is Served


Italian dinner- Family night

Okra soup and Aciida 

Mexican Dinner- Family Night

Potatoes with ham & fresh salad!!

Home Sweet Home
Kraft "blue box" Mac & Cheese!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Harvesting Corn (part 2)


*I wasn't allowed to carry anything else from the fields. Not like I would have been able to carry the amount fire wood needed or the corn harvested. Just a reminder to me that these women are so strong!



Yom Jima


Walking back home

beautiful skies through the corn fields

Going to harvest corn :) (part 1)

Tabitha leads the way to her fields

Sarah & me

The grass is so tall and thick. I made sure I stayed right behind Tabitha because I didn't want to get lost out there. 

Sarah, Tia, and me

We made it to the corn fields :)

More corn

Oh and pumpkins too!

Fresh picked corn, roasted on the fire right away, then we ate them :) So tasty

Laundry Day

Kids and dog-- Tigger

Marsa and Hannah

Laundry Day

Watching the ladies doing laundry always makes me so thankful for washers in Kenya and back home in America. The ladies are always taking pride in whatever they are doing. Whether it's cooking a meal for the family, chopping firewood, or washing the laundry. I am also so amazed at how they can get the clothes so clean. I guess I have not perfected the art of hand-washing. I find it difficult and tedious. 

They do about 2 or 3 wash cycles and one rinse cycle. Then hang the clothes up on the line or along a fence dripping wet.

Usually the pigs are nearby I think they like to drink the soapy water. And you always have to watch out for the goats- they will eat your bar of soap!

Rebeka, me & Marsa

Sandy, me, and Ume

Eliya, me, and Sandy

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sanding a house

Sanding the inside of the new tukel aka brick mud hut

Tabitha is our neighbor and good friend. She and her family are so nice and patient with me learning my Mabaan. So today I saw her carrying buckets of sand into the house wondering what she was doing I invited myself over. She explained that she was sanding the inside of her son, David's, new tukel.

 The women here in South Sudan this is there job- sanding the house. The men build the home and roof and place the first layer of mud and grass. But it is the women's job to make the inside look nice and smooth. 

So I asked Tabitha to teach me how to sand a house. And I studied her technique and tired it out myself. It's a lot of fun. Maybe not to the women who do this all the time. But to me learning something new and getting plenty dirty doing it was fun! It is a lot of work and takes many hours to complete. The task will take place over a few days. 

Me learning from the professional-- Tabitha

Ladies at work