Friday, November 29, 2013

A Day with Roda (part 2)

Eating plumpy nut

Helping Mama Rebeka with laundry

being a silly little Diva :)

Helping mix special milk formula for other patients

silly faces

Preparing mom's hands for a manicure. She uses a brush to wash the nails, all the fingers, and the entire hand (front and back side!). Definitely makes sure the hands are clean :)

wearing mama's shoes

Diva Roda & Me

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Maternity Grand Opening Celebration!

Audience-- many missionaries, Sudanese from various tribes, church leaders

Mabaan Choir performs

Diana and little Tariq


Skit-- Massir, Robbie (pregnant mother) James (mother's sister)

Tabitha making jalibia (similar to small donuts) for the celebration refreshments

Diana and Euwas delivering the chai and jalibia

Zachariah and his mother, Orfa

Uduk Choir performs

Ladies at the celebration

Nancy & Diana

Axia, Catrina, & Jamima

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Burrito Night :)

Group of team mates gathered for burrito night!!

So we don't have a Chipotle or Freebirds nearby or anything remotely close Mexican food. So we created our own! It sure was tasty even if the 'meat' was minced freeze dried soy. Lots of toppings too-- cabbage, yogurt in place of sour cream, hot sauce from Taco Bell, pico de gallo (Sudanese style), cheese, beans, and white rice too! Plus Judi made us homemade tortillas :) We ate up everything there was not an ounce of leftovers! We all went home with happy bellies and warm hearts from good conversations!  

my first burrito! I was so hungry I ate it all and even a second one (not pictured). After being down to my last two bites I remembered I should have taken a picture of my 2nd burrito but had forgotten. The meal was delicious :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just love these kids :)

Mama Catrina, baby Paul, little Estire

Boys playing with blocks

Santi & Belil eating corn

hungry puppies!! with Mama Tubia

Can you find the puppy with the piglets?!

Baby Gideon
Beauty Salon

Joy, Mary, baby Mya, Kaywa, and Beauba

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Day with Roda (part 1)

Every morning- weight check

Taking tuberculosis medication

Helps gather her daily amount of 5 plumpy nut!

Temperature check every 3 hours to make sure she doesn't have a fever! She'll be sure to let you know when the thermometer beeps :)

Visiting with the other patients and mothers at the Nutrition Village

Hangs out with her big brother, Bulis, and other friends

Little Diva in sunglasses :)

Roda & me

Sitting on a bumbar (small stool)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Strong Girls and Chores

Previously, I have posted about how strong the women are here in Mabaan. Well, they start young! These girls start doing chores very early. Even simple chores like fetching water they start soon after they can walk. Carrying smaller size jugs for smaller children and as they grow so do the size of jugs/ jerry cans they carry. 

As for me, I can carry about the size a 8 year old carries for water! The other mothers and men laugh at me carrying such a small jug for my age but I am just learning!!

Here are few pictures of the girls doing daily chores
pounding maize by hand

Martina age 17years

Sweeping the yard

Kaywa age 10yr

Beauba and Mary age 9 years

Baby sitting younger sister or neighbors too
Joy- age 7 years

Chopping firewood for making dinner
Sabrine- age 10 years

Monday, November 18, 2013

Love days like this . . .

Futlbol with the boys. I scored a few goals!!

Joy, mother Rebeka, baby Wakay, Kaywa, and Hannah :)

me and little Paul-- he is now able to walk :)

Chai time with the kids

Love this :)